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Create great habits.

Your personal tool to build great habits, improve old ones, remove bad ones and get more done.

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What is Habitodo?

Work smarter, not harder. Setup your reminders, be notified, complete them. Easy. Habitodo helps you achieve your goals. Drink more water, complete that exercise challenge or just jot down what you need to get done.
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Habitodo in action

Reminders - create simple or complex repeating reminders to achieve your goals


Calendar - easily organise your world


Todo list - Keep everything in one app. Built for all your todos

Todo list

Habitodo Premium

Add extra features for ease of use and help support Habitodo development


Unlimited lists, events, and reminders

Reminders, notifications and alarms



Ad free

Home screen widgets

Manual local backup & restore via Settings


Help support Habitodo development

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Join the users around the world that use Habitodo daily.
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